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                Three Elements of Leadership

                Legends management principle is summarized as - "Leading Group Building, Setting Strategies, Team Building." "Leading Group Building" is the prerequisite for "setting strategies" and "Team Building"., The leading group make right decisions by setting strategies and put it into practice by team building so as to achieve the healthy development of enterprises.

                • Leading Group Building

                  Competent and honest managers are selected to build a leading group, which formed a vertical and horizontal division of labor, advocating "say away" and "Keep Cool" to achieve rational decision-making through team work and in an efficient way. This would constrain the implementation of the leaders and enhance the prestige of the leadership.

                • Setting Strategies

                  Depicting vision, clarifying strategy, setting strategies, tactics decomposition, determining leader, adjusting organizational structure and developing incentive assessment is Legend's "Seven Steps" to set strategies, but this is not a simple step-by-step process and also cannot overemphasize the role of a certain link in the process. It needs fully formulation, systematical thinking, coordination and promotion to develop a strategy.

                • Team building

                  Team building means that the members should be motivated to properly take actions in an ordered way so as to ensure the implementation of strategies. The key of team building is incentives and culture.

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