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                Corporate Governance

                The main shareholders of Legend Holdings Corporation include:

                Executive Directors:Ning Min, Li Peng
                Non-executive Directors:Zhu Linan, Zhao John, Wu Lebin, Suo Jishuan, Wang Yusuo
                Independent Non-executive Directors:Ma Weihua, Zhang Xuebing, Hao Quan, Yin Jianan
                Chairman of the Board of Supervisors: Gao Qiang
                Members of the Board of Supervisors: Luo Cheng, Feng Ling

                Legends Mechanism

                In 2001, with the support of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the relevant government departments, Legend employees held a 35% stake in the company by the way of purchase; In 2009, China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd. held partial shares of Legend Holdings, becoming the third largest shareholder of the company so as to further improve the corporate governance structure; In 2011, the company conducted employee shareholding association restructuring, and implemented the new round of equity incentive plan. In 2016, the company carried out the medium and long-term incentive program after IPO.
                Since 1993, Legend has been making efforts in reforming the governance structure for a long time. Unremitting efforts have been made in creating mechanisms to enable employees to better integrate the personal development into the future development of the company, realizing a shared and common development of individuals and the company, so that the company is operated by all staffs, creating Legend into a family business with no family taking charge.

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