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                Two-wheel-drive Businesses

                Legend Holdings developed a unique business model driven by both strategic investments and financial investments. Strategic investments aim at holding over the long term and focus on strategic sectors to build and optimize the portfolio while fostering pillar businesses. Financial investments are driven by financial returns with a proper mix of products or target portfolios.

                Strategic investments and financial investments are the major businesses of Legend Holdings, both are operated on market-oriented principles and develop rapidly in their respective fields of expertise. At the same time, the close synergy they create in business alignment, funding support, as well as resource sharing, could help Legend Holdings better cope with volatility and risks in the market, seize opportunities, and further enhance the value creation.

                Strategic Investments


                Financial Services

                Innovative Consumption and Services

                Agriculture and Food

                Advanced Manufacturing and Professional Services

                Business Alignment

                Funding Support

                Resources Sharing

                Financial Investments

                Angel Investments

                Venture Capital

                Investment Management

                Direct Financial Investment

                Investment Properties

                Strategic Investments

                Legend Holdings is involved in many promising industries. It invests and holds shares of valuable enterprises through strategic investments.

                Legend Holdings has businesses in five fields, IT, financial services, innovative consumption and services, agriculture and food, and advanced manufacturing and professional services.

                Legend Holdings provides those enterprises it has invested with tailor made valued added services of strategy and operation relying on its unique industry background and good knowledge about the rule of the development and management of a company, which enables these companies to develop from good companies into outstanding ones and boosts return for shareholders.

                Strategic Investments

                At present, Legend Holdings¡¯ strategic investments businesses focus on five sectors: IT, financial services, innovative consumption & services, agriculture & food, and advanced manufacturing and professional services. Now it has invested over 20 enterprises, including Lenovo - China¡¯s largest PC vendor, CAR Inc. - the largest car rental chain enterprise in China, Lakala - a China¡¯s leading Internet financial services company, Bybo Dental Group - the largest private dental chain organization in China and Golden Wing Mau - China¡¯s largest fully-integrated fruit company in the industry, etc.

                • > IT

                • > Financial Services

                • > Innovative Consumption and Services

                • > Agriculture and Food
                • > Advanced Manufacturing and Professional Services
                • IT

                  Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a US$46 billion global Fortune 500 company and a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technologies.

                • Financial Services

                  Forming the brand and characteristics of Legend Holdings in the industry, providing integrated financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and utilizing fintech to promote consumption upgrading

                  Portfolio companies including Lakala, Zhengqi Financial, JC Leasing, Koala Technology, Hankou Bank, Hyundai Insurance, PIC, UIB, Suzhou Trust, Eloancn, etc.

                • Innovative Consumption and Services

                  Capturing promising opportunities of emerging industries in consumer & service sector and new model 

                  Portfolio companies including CAR Inc., Better Sun Educational Group, EAL, BYBO Dental Group, Shanghai Neuromedical Center, Zeny Supply Chain, etc.

                • Agriculture and Food

                  Taking Joyvio Group as a platform to focus on developing two major supply chains of fresh fruits and animal protein 

                  Providing products and services of enhanced safety and quality to Chinese consumers through the industrial integration and a global presence

                • Advanced Manufacturing£¦Professional Services

                  Founded in 2010, Levima Group is dedicated to make high performance products in the fields of advanced materials and specialty chemicals. It aims to leverage superior resources to build an advanced material industrial cluster with leading positions in several market segments and international competitiveness.


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